Feel The Fear

In this episode, we dive into facing our fears head-on in order to grow as business owners.

While times have been uncertain for everyone lately in business due to the pandemic, I wanted to use this opportunity to encourage you forward as you grow your digital business. 

In today’s episode, I take you back to this time last year, I had just completed a 6 figure digital launch after transitioning as the COO of a multi-million dollar digital marketing company, we had recently bought a house and had begun kitchen renovations and my family had plane tickets to Europe for a three-week dream vacation. 
Listen to how my life changed overnight and how I got back up, worked on my mindset, and successfully built my own business that continues to grow during this recent uncertain time.
Is now the time to invest in your business? Is now the time to pivot and grow your connections with your audience? YES, YES, YES!
Check out Episode 5 for the full story and a first-hand example of how my client’s digital business is seeing success during this Pandemic.

Episode Highlights:

[1:02] How my life changed unexpectedly overnight

[3:41] The mindset that got me back up and on top of my digital biz

[8:31] Client success during Covid 19

[11:41] Why you should invest in your digital business now

Episode Quote
“now is the time where you need to be investing into your business. Now is the time for you to be focusing on growth because if you can grow in this time, you can grow in any time.”

Kara Charron