Are You Ready For Paid Ads?

In today’s episode, we are talking about how to know if you are ready to run paid ads and how to bounce back if you’ve tried them and think they won’t work for you.


If you have ever wondered if and when it’s the right time to start running paid ads then this episode is for you. Paid traffic lets you grow at warp speed once you have your funnel dialed in. I’ll be sharing my first-hand experience with you about how I started and what led me to find success using paid ads for my clients. 

Episode Highlights:

[1:08] Years ago I got thrown into Facebook ads and I was a deer in headlights

[4:04] Fast forward a few years later

[4:50] My top questions I ask before you know you’re ready for paid ads.

[6:16] Are you targeting the right people?

[7:17] “Ohhh no way, I tried before it was a nightmare.”

[9:20] Over 1500% return on ads

[13:00] Understanding Facebook.

[13:50] 300 audiences that you can try, and my go-to custom audiences just for you!


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Episode Quote
“My friends, if you have failed at paid traffic before, you are not doomed and it doesn’t mean that paid traffic doesn’t work.”

Kara Charron


When I first started running paid traffic I failed miserably, in fact, I did everything wrong even though I was shown exactly what to do! More on that story in a minute….. 

In today’s episode, we are going to talk about how to know if you are ready to run paid ads and how to bounce back if you have tried them and you think they won’t work for you.

Years ago I got thrown into Facebook ads. Literally it was not my job but at the time I was product manager for a blogger who was heavily into ads and wanted to offload it. We had 1-hour training and then it was thrown upon me. It was not a small budget either about 700/day. For someone who has never run ads before I was like a deer in headlights but I was like ok I am an overachiever, I got this…

I was baffled when the creative we used and the same audiences we knew worked were not performing well. So I chatted with the FB rep and she was like it’s the time of year just leave them to optimize. Ohhhhh what a mistake!

It’s like I was given the keys to a sports car and I had no idea how to drive it. Looking back I should have gone to my boss, not the FB ad rep but I figured we got this.

In a week thousands of dollars were lost and I felt like a total failure.

For me this was devastating, so I did the only thing I could think of…

Learn how to master it…

I read books, took courses and started testing loads of strategy

Fast forward a few years later I landed a job at a multi-million dollar ads agency as a Senior Strategist. My role was literally to come up with a new strategy on ad accounts that were not performing….  

So why I am sharing all of this with you?

Because if I can come back and have success so can you

Or maybe you are not sure if you are ready to start ads yet… Let me ask you a few questions…

Are you growing at the rate you want? If the answer is NO well my friend you need paid ads!

Do you have a proven funnel that converts?

Are you ok spending money and ok if you don’t make it all back the first time around?

Do you have Organic traffic coming to your website?

If you answered yes to any of the above you are ready to dip your toes in paid traffic 

Paid traffic lets you grow at warp speed once you have your funnel dialed in. Let’s take Amy for example when I first started working with her she had some seriously amazing organic traffic. She was doing really well.

AS her Business coach and FB Ad Rebel I told her she needed to try ads and her response ohhh no way I tried before it was a nightmare. I sell low ticket stuff and it just didn’t convert for me. In fact, it killed my organic reach…. I said Amy you have all of the traffic coming to your site it would be crazy not to try it again. I convinced her to run a small test for a black Friday sale.

I asked if she was willing to part with 200 bucks…

We may not get this back but it’s less than a night out with your family…

I promise no matter what we learn from it because we are buying data

She agreed

The results were amazing we got over 1500% return on those ads

Her response WOW we should have spent more LOL

The moral of the story is 

  1. You don’t need a large budget to start with ads
  2. It can work even if it didn’t work before

Paid ads are perfect if you don’t have an audience and want one or if you have an audience and want to grow it bigger and faster

So where do you start if you want to give ads another try or start them for the first time?

First, you need to know where your people are on Facebook. You could have everything else right but you target the wrong people and you won’t have success.

In fact, that is always one of the first things I check. I even have a checklist called what to do if your ads aren’t converting and that is literally in step number 1

Are you targeting the right people? This is the first thing to examine if your targeting is off your campaign will suffer.

Facebook is a different beast because it’s not like Google or Pinterest which are designed to be more of a search engine. You need to get in the minds of your audiences, what do they like, who would they follow, where do they shop and the list goes on and on.

I know how exhausting this can be and that is why I have a swipe file loaded with over 300 audiences that I can try in a variety of industries, behaviors, and even my go-to custom audiences.

 After talking to some people they convinced me to share this list for free. You can go download the swipe file at   

That’s it for today’s episode, my friends, go enjoy my gift to you and start testing some audiences out….