Business Makeover Success Story with Amy Nielson

In this episode, we hear from a current client and how she has been able to scale her business and shift into a CEO mindset.

In today’s episode, I chat with a now dear friend and one of the few clients I still work with. We are going to share her business success story. 

When we met Amy had a very successful business that was making great money but on the inside, Amy was exhausted and overwhelmed and not feeling the joy she deserved to feel as a business owner.

This was all in the way of her scaling her business and growing it to its full potential.
Since we have started working together, the growth and freedom Amy has found in her business is incredibly inspiring and makes all that I do so worth it!

She can now continue to scale her business without the chaos.

Episodes Highlights:
        [1:13] Amy’s awesome business
[2:31] How we met
[5:06] The start of Amy’s journey from stress to success
[8:55] Amy’s transformation toward CEO mindset
[11:14] Taking the time out that you need during personal tragedy and having a self – sustaining business 
[14:14] The beauty of a thriving business
[18:12] Dipping your toe in Ads
[21:44] What is your favorite part of your business
[23:36] Ads! Ads! Ads!
[25:39] Setting up systems
[32:15] Numbers represent the value that you are offering
[34:31] Perfection is an illusion, you just need to take action!
[36:25] Amy’s greatest advice 
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Episode Quote
“Perfection is an illusion, you just need to start taking action.”

Kara Charron