From Newbie to Ads Rockstar in 30 Days with Ashley Buffa

In this episode, we hear from a current client who found incredible success after her first-ever Ads spend. We chat about this magical world of Ads and how you can get started.

In today’s episode, I chat with Ashley Buffa, home systems extraordinaire, and mother to 10.

When we met Ashley had some past experience using Ads for her business but there were a lot of loose ends that needed tying up. She was ready to spend money on ads and gather as much data as possible with the expectation of losing her initial spend. Much to Ashley’s surprise, she ended up making all her money back PLUS more, the first time we worked together. 

After working together Ashley was able to leave her job at Click Funnels and pursue her own successful business full time. 

Ashley and I chat about the magic of Ads and she shares her best advice for everyone just starting out. 

Episodes Highlights:
        [02:09] Ashley’s Ads Experience
[04:18] The first 30 days
[5:27] Just a funnel away
[06:22] The power of believing
[07:24] Playing Monopoly
[09:10] The biggest mistake you made with ads?
[12:03] You need to be involved in your ads
[14:07] Ashley’s advice for someone starting out
[17:10] What’s next for Ashley
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Episode Quote
“I’d rather fail fast,

than fail slow.”

Kara Charron

Read the Full Episode Below:

Hello and welcome to the Digital Business Breakthrough podcast. Today I’m super excited because I have a special guest with me, Ashley. I think your story is phenomenal and I love, love, love sharing inspiration.

And so I’m super excited to have you here today.

Thank you Kara for having me.

My first question for you today is before you launched your chore system funnel, how much experience did you have with Facebook ads?

So I had enough experience where I knew what I was looking at inside ads manager. I had run a few campaigns. I was super confused and frustrated about pixels, like where to put them. And that’s how I met you. Kara, you came to my rescue, helped me with my pixel. So, I wouldn’t say that I was a brand new beginner, but, as far as actual success, I didn’t really have any.

So you had played around a little before and never had much success, you were kind of familiar, Ashley and I were in the same mastermind and I got a message one day from her begging for some help, we jumped on a call to figure out her pixel mess. And that was the beginning of your ads.

Yeah, exactly. A beautiful friendship.

So tell us about those first few weeks when you launched, What were the results and how did it make you feel?

Well, it’s funny because I was actually not expecting to make any money at all because I was doing a $1,000 ads and I had been told over and over again that this is just me, basically lighting a thousand dollars on fire. I’m just doing this to get information from Facebook. And so going into it, I was not expecting to make any money at all. I was just hoping that I didn’t lose. I wanted to just lose a thousand and that was it. That was my goal and I wasn’t expecting any level of success. I was expecting information that honestly, then I wouldn’t even know what to do with, I’d have to ask a buddy, but it’s crazy because from the first day it was profitable and I was completely shocked.

I did not expect to make a dime. Instead it ended up basically blowing up.

Which is so funny because, you know, we say this all the time with expectations, I think so many people get their expectations up, right. When they’re first starting with Facebook ads, so we always like to have a level mind and an SLO funnel like yours, which any of you who don’t know stands for self-liquidating offer is actually what it’s supposed to do is self liquidate. You’re not supposed to make money from it.

And the first time you try it, odds are you’re probably going to lose money. And then we have unicorns, which is what I would call Ashley’s it’s definitely a magical, magical unicorn because you had a crazy, crazy first 30 days. So do you remember your numbers? Yeah, I have them pulled up here so I can give you exact numbers. So I spent $7,791 that first 30 days and funnel grossed $27,588. That’s insane.

That is so insane. It’s like a dream, right? It totally was within that first 30 days, I made the decision to leave my job with click funnels, based on those results. And it was during December two, which is like supposedly much higher CPA. So I was like, Woohoo! I know and I remember that. I remember the Vox message of you voxing me saying I did it, I put in my notice. It’s so crazy how quickly things can shift and change. Like it really is. It blows my mind to think about all of the possibility and all of the opportunity that’s out there that you don’t even realize until you just go for it.

When I gave my notice at click funnels at the end of my letter of resignation, I said, I guess I really was just one funnel away.

That is so sweet.

So awesome.

It’s true though. It was true. I say I really was just one funnel away. Amazing. Because that slogan is the click funnels slogan, right?

You’re you are one funnel away, which is so funny because you worked for click funnels and then you’re the poster child because you literally left click funnels because that one funnel changed it all for you. It did. It changed everything. Oh my gosh. So what surprised you the most when you started with ads?

Well, just that I made money. I mean, because every other time, there were a couple of times where I made like a little bit or my, my objective is to get leads and then I did, but it’s like, you can believe that something can happen and then still be shocked when it actually does.

You know what I mean? You believe in the possibility and you believe that you’re capable of something, but then when it actually does happen, you’re like, Oh my Gosh, what is the world! It’s so funny because

I don’t know about you, but I know our neighbors or family, friends or whatever, when they like ask what I do. Yeah. They’re so blown away. It’s like, it’s not even in their reality. That is our reality is like, we’re on our own little universe, first of all, that money and possibilities of abundance, you can make as much as you want. And people can’t even get over it. Oh my gosh, like you could make a doctor salary.

I’m like, you can make more than a doctor’s salary. Yeah. It’s really crazy. I mean, it really, really is. And it’s just like, I guess the disconnect between belief and even if you have rock-solid beliefs, when it happens it always shocks me. It always seems magical. I know even with myself or clients, when we have these huge, huge days, it always makes me step back and be like, “this is so magical.” It almost feels surreal.

I’m just so grateful to be able to play in this world to have access to this and be able to live here and make money here and have fun here because out there, in our internet world and our mastermind and our circles, we all know, but everyone else outside of it. Some even are like, what you’re doing is that legal. Exactly. And it’s kind of like playing with monopoly money too, you know, that’s what my son told me. He was like, so basically you’re just playing with monopoly.

That’s how you’re talking about because they like to know what my numbers are and I try to include them as much as possible. Do you share them? Yeah, absolutely. I do. I want them to understand what is possible. My son was just like, it’s like monopoly to you. This is just playing. It’s like a game. I was like, it’s like a game. I mean, it really is, everything’s a game. It all depends on how you play it. So it is so true. I love that you share that with your kids. I know, even for me, I haven’t shared, I don’t think exact numbers. I’ve gone broad, but the fact that you can just make such good money, creating quality things, it is such a gift that we get to do.

So what do you think is one of the biggest mistake you made with your ads?

My biggest mistake with my ads and I just realized this within the last few weeks, but my biggest mistake with my ads was stepping away from them and outsourcing them and giving up the responsibility for them. As soon as I did that, I basically wiped my brain and I decided this isn’t my area of genius.

I’m just going to put full trust in these agencies that I’m hiring. And instead of still staying involved in the decision making, I just completely stepped away from it. I’ve heard it so many times said, nobody cares about your ads like you do. It is so true.

It really is. And so now I’ve stepped back into the deal and it’s fun and I’m able to move quickly and make decisions. Whereas before, if something was going wrong, I was just left wondering and like anxious and worried and I had no control over it. It was really hard. Whereas now I feel more like I’m in the driver’s seat again and it feels really good.

You know what it is stepping back into your power, it’s so empowering and I know you and I had conversations about this, but I think you are not alone. And that’s one of the reasons I wanted you to share this because I think so many people jumped to the conclusion that they need to get out of their ads as soon as possible.

That’s what I did. Without really living and learning them and really understanding the strategy. Not only because like I’ve said to you, no one will love your business like you do, but you have to really get a good feel of what works for your audience and what works for your ad account, because nobody else ever will, even an agency they’re never going to know your audience, like you do, they’re not going to. I know because I used to be COO of a really big digital marketing agency and it’s just like you’ve got ads managers that are working on seven accounts and are overworked, in all honesty, they’re not even experts. They’re trained and they’re just never going to give as much love as you can.

I don’t mean that you should never get to a place where you can’t outsource your ads. I think that’s a personal decision. I actually know some high-level people who choose to still always run their ads and have a little bit of help. I know other people who completely outsource their ads, you have to find the right person for your ads. You have to have the right connection with them. At the end of the day, what people don’t understand is you a hundred percent always need to be the high level strategy on your ad account. No one else. The only way you’re ever going to learn the high level strategy is to roll up your sleeves. Get in there. I know it’s uncomfortable at first, but you can master that, because that skill is going to serve you everywhere else.

Even when you get to that point again, where you might want to hire someone, Ashley, you will now have the power and the knowledge to be like, Hey, no, no, no. I know, because I run this, I’ve seen this pattern. This is what I want to try. This is what we want to do. You know what I mean? You get to own that because it’s such a huge part of your business. It is. 95% of my sales come from Facebook ads. I’m working on fixing that and diversifying, which we’ve talked about with you. Yes. A hundred percent. But in the meantime, that’s so much control to give to someone else, and that doesn’t really make sense.

When you think about it in terms of, 95% of my sales work, it was in the hands of someone else. Yeah.

That’s scary. So I’m so glad you have come to the conclusion and you’re learning it. What I think is inspirational, Ashley’s not like a guru by any means she’s deciding to take this one step at a time, but you’re doing so awesome. Coming back here, owning this and navigating through, like, you’re doing a fantastic job. Thank you, Kara. That means a lot coming from you.

So for someone who is listening who maybe hasn’t had the success you had with ads, what would be one piece of advice that you would give them? I would say don’t be afraid to tests so many things, that’s what we did, Kara. You were helping me, when I first got started, we tested out so many different audiences, so that we could zero in in quickly. I think Julie really hammers this home too. She says, if you can’t lose $1,000, if you can’t just lose a thousand dollars on testing, then you’re not ready to do this yet. I guess the biggest thing would be get a thousand dollars that you can just throw away, because you’ll be able to get the information that you need so much faster and get to profit faster than if you are spending $5 a day.

It’s going to take you six months to get the data you need spending $5 a day. Whereas if you just put down the money, test a ton of different audiences, in three days you’ll know what’s working and what is not. So I would get that thousand bucks and just be ready to torch it. You’ll walk away with the information you need. I’d rather fail fast then fail slow, you know? Absolutely. And for you, you just had success right out of the gate. That is a huge, huge possibility of what can really, truly happen. I still feel like so many people and it’s so hard, I say this all the time, you have to try to take the emotion out of this.

All of the emotions are already out of it for me. In order to make clear decisions, you have to take the emotion out of it because Facebook doesn’t care about how you feel. You know what I mean? So it’s true. Go back to some of those audience that were doing really well, that tapped out and let’s revisit them with new creative.

I think a lot of people test things and then give up and think it just didn’t work. But I will tell you, you have to come at all these different angles. It’s not like, we spent $50 on this audience and that audience doesn’t work. That is so not true because I have audiences rebound with different creative. I’ve seen them so you have to be willing to test over and over and over again and not just say “Oh, I went through these 10 audiences and it doesn’t work, so this isn’t working.” That is also true. So tell us, what do you have planned for the future? Where are you going? I always love hearing that.

I’m seriously stepping back in this next quarter because I’ve been launching my face off.

I’ve launched three different things since the end of November, I had a baby in the middle of it all. How many children do you have? I have 10 kids so no one has excuses.10 kids! And she was working at the time, and she launched and has been launching like mad, and homeschooling, don’t forget homeschooling. You’re going to take a bit of a break. I’m stabilizing for the next quarter, I’m working on building Pinterest ads, getting organic Pinterest going, I’m starting a podcast. So I guess it doesn’t look like I’m stepping back. I’ll being doing stuff, but I’m not watching any new products, let me put it that way. Well I know cause that’s a whole lot of work, but that is super exciting because you are diversifying into Pinterest ads, which is super. I’m excited about that. Before we go, give a shout out to your product, the amazing SLO. Where would people go to see what you’ve created? You can find it at It’s basically the system that I use in my own home to get my kids doing chores. It keeps them accountable, makes sure that they’re doing them in a way that actually looks like a chore would be done without the nagging, without the whining, without the complaining and it gets to a point where you as mom or as a dad aren’t the only person doing housework anymore, but it’s a family group effort. That’s so awesome. Well, it was so fantastic to have you on Ashley.