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Become the CEO of your household and take control of your finances.  Fix your relationship with money and watch your world change.

Career Transformation

Have the the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. Join thousands of other women who virtually earn a living online.

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Find that spark inside of yourself and light up your life with it! When you learn to LOVE your life NO MATTER where you are right now, it starts to become magical. You don’t need to have it all figured out or have all the answers to start transforming your life. All you need to do is start!

Discover your inner rock star and claim back your awesomeness

Ditch the mom guilt and be the shinning star for your family.

Transform your finances from the inside out

Work remotely & live life on your own terms

Goal Setting

A goal without a plan is only a wish that may never happen. Let’s map out how we can turn your dreams into reality!

Happy Spouse, Happy House

When we fill ourselves up with passion and purpose not only does it fuel our souls but it pours out into our family. How can we give our families the best version of ourselves if we have not taken the time to nurture ourselves?

Loving Your Life

No matter where you are in your life, there is always something to be grateful for. When we shift our mindset, the world around us starts to change.

Money Issues

People think they have money issues, that they just don’t have enough. The reality is, you have a relationship issue with money. Like any other relationship if you don’t invest time into it, it will fall apart.

5 Tips How I Went From
Drowning In Debt to FREEDOM

I could share with you the large and dramatic number of debt I had accumulated and paid off and it could shock you or discourage you. Instead of focusing on a number what I do want to share is what helped me completely transform my life and my money issues. I was at a point where I couldn’t picture a life without debt, living paycheck to paycheck and feeling so low that I gave up on myself, my dreams and my passion. These 5 tips helped me take control of my finances, flip my life upside down and find myself again!

Fix Your Relationship With Money

This was key! Most people don’t think they need to have a relationship with money. But the truth is, you have one even if you don’t think so!

Yes, it takes work but I promise you it is worth it. Imagine yourself feeling powerful and in control of your money. Feeling secure knowing that no matter what may come your way it will be fine.


Get Real About Your Current Situation

Ignorance is not bliss, turning a blind eye to a bad situation is only going to make it worse. Owning up to your mistakes doesn’t make you a failure, it means you are responsible.

How can you truly fix something if you are not 100% honest with yourself and have all the real information.


Become Obsessed With It

Create your plan and commit to it, talk about it all the time to your partner. Review it daily and track your progress weekly. Create a celebration around it and never let a setback take you off track.

Life happens and plans may take longer, but let this be your mission and own it until you get where you need to be!



Find Happiness Now

I remember the day vividly, the sun was bursting down on me, the song from Icona Pop – I Love It, was blasting in my ears as I was going for a walk.

Suddenly it clicked as I listened to the words 
I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone
I crashed my car into the bridge, I watched, I let it burn
I threw your shit into a bag and pushed it down the stairs
I crashed my car into the bridge
I don’t care, I love it, I don’t care

 I bursted out in laughter and realized we only have 1 shot at life and while I can’t be in charge of the things that do happen to me I am in charge of how I respond to them and how they make me feel.  I can choose to drop my anger and let it go, I can choose to stay calm when my husband says he totaled his car when he hit a dear and insurance may not cover all of it.

I can choose to focus on the fact that he is ok and nothing else matters and honestly right now somewhere else in the world someone else has lost someone they loved and focus on the fact of how lucky I am to be having this conversation instead of having a moment of relief then a total freak out because I have no idea how we will afford any of this.

Most importantly, I can acknowledge this is only temporary and we will figure it out because somehow we always do and focus on finding a solution and being grateful that I am here and able to do that!

I don’t care, I love it, I don’t care……

Invest In Yourself

It’s honestly one of the best return on investments you can have.

This is so so so important! If we are not growing we are dying. How do you become better? You learn.

Find, podcasts, blog posts, books etc…

You are worth it!


About Me

I created my 1st multi million dollar company in my twenties. I have over 2 decades of digital marketing experience and have been mentored by some of the top personal development leaders.

Currently I am the Director of Ignite at Hirsh Marketing.  Where we help world changing influencers grow their business through effective and innovative digital marketing strategies.  

Words of Love

Kara embraces all challenges and creates win-win opportunities. Her passion and commitment to success is infectious.” Cindy Maifrini President London Cashflow Club

“I have personally observed Kara; facing her fears
and moving forward with a bold and positive outlook.
I have then witnessed her become very successful at
achieving her goals, while still having a sense of
balance and perspective on the importance of family.
I have even observed her face big challenges with
rare grace and grit.
She is truly a champion and a leader!”
Mike Wilson
WIA Instructor, Mentor

“A true test of character is admiring
the actions of someone during a time
of trial…Kara in my observation is
the finest example of the highest
echelons of character both in business
and as an amazingly resilient,
successful individual.”
Philip Bradley
Founder, Rapid Success Club
Co-founder of getingetoutgohome

Find Your Passion. Set Your Goals. Make A Plan.
Make It Happen.