Is Your Day Controlling You?

Episode 4

Is Your Day Controlling You?

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Digital Dame. Today’s episode, we are going to talk about your day. Is your day controlling you or are you controlling your day? And that is something that I think a lot of entrepreneurs, especially in the digital world, can struggle with, right?

Have you ever had a day or even weeks where you just feel like you’ve been working, you’ve been working your butt off, but you just don’t feel like you’ve gotten hardly anything accomplished? And there is a difference in being busy and being productive. In today’s episode, we are going to talk all about that. It’s one of the things that I absolutely love. I love productivity. I love being able to just crush my days and my weeks and my months and just like getting everything done. But I will say that finding a system that has worked for me has taken some time. I’ve taken a lot of different courses, I’ve tried a lot of different programs and today I want to share with you what I have found has worked for me. So let’s talk about your day. I first want to ask you, how many of you have a morning routine? And I think a morning routine is absolutely just something that you need to do.

Now it doesn’t have to be a long morning routine, but it’s something that just sets you up for the rest of the day. So I’ll share with you my morning routine. I, I get up, I usually go with my husband and my dog for a walk. Now I will say the last week we haven’t really been doing that and I’m telling you, I miss it already. Um, life has gotten in the way, you know, back to school and craziness. So we’ve got to find a new way of incorporating it back because we had started doing this over the summer when the kids were not in school. So we’ve got to figure out a way to weave our walk back into our day, whether that now be at the end of the day or whatever. But I will say, usually I get up, I definitely work out. I do a 20 to 30-minute workout, I do a meditation and I have affirmations that I say and then I shower and I start my day and I feel that the days that I don’t do that, just feel a little off when I just jump right into chaos or jump right into it.

I Dunno. It’s just like, it starts the momentum of having everything else go out of order. So having morning routine is something that I absolutely strongly recommend. And you decide how long that can be. Mine can run from an hour sometimes if I get in the walk and stuff. And if we were doing that in the morning it can be like an hour and a half and sometimes too it felt a little long, but you know what? It’s fine. I, it clears my head and I’m here, then I can start my day and just dive in and go. Now what I do is I don’t just plan my days. I actually plan my year, my month, actually my year, my quarter and my month. Um, and planning my day is just, is one part of the puzzle. So I don’t think it’s fair just to say like, oh, plan your day and you’re going to be great.

It is one thing that is really great to do, but I have a whole system in which I plan everything out, which keeps me accountable and on track for all the big things that I want to do. But starting with your day is super important. So I have a, a system that I am going to share with you and I have a daily action plan and definitely I have decided to give that away for free. So I’ll give the link at the end of the podcast, but you can have the exact free printable that I made for myself, which is my daily action plan. And basically, what I do every morning after I’ve done my morning routine, it’s now then time for family time. I get up earlier so that I can at least spend a little bit of time. My kids are older, I get it.

I remember when they were little, so they’re older, they’re teenagers now, but I still like to spend some time with them in the morning. And then I come into my office and I fill out my daily action plan before I start my day. Because if my day is getting derailed and I’m getting pulled in a hundred different directions, I have a plan to come back to. I know what I need to focus on. I know that I have to get back to these things to get done. And if I don’t get them done, then I have to get them done first thing tomorrow morning. So my daily action plan, I just decide what are my top three priorities today? So what are the three things that are going to make me feel like I’ve accomplished what I need to accomplish today? The second thing is what is the one thing that has to get done today no matter what?

So no matter how many you know, interruptions or anything, like what is this one thing that just has to get done for me today? The other thing, is who do I need to connect with today? So is there people that I need to connect with, with my business, with projects? Who do I need to connect with today? And then the next thing is who am I waiting on things for? And this keeps things in the forefront of my mind. If I’m waiting on, like if I know I’m waiting on a funnel designer, if I’m waiting on copy or if I’m waiting on content or if there’s stuff that I’m waiting on, I have a list so that it’s not forgotten and be like, oh yeah, it’s been like a week and I haven’t heard. So who am I waiting on things for because then I can make sure to reach out and connect with them.

The next thing that I identify is, are there any things I need to approve today? Are people waiting on me for something? So am I a bottleneck in something and I list those things out because I need to get those done. I don’t want to be the bottleneck. I don’t want to be holding anything up so I want to make sure that I prioritize and I have time to approve the things that I need to approve. Now the last thing that I layout is my power blocks. I’m sure a lot of you have probably heard that time blocking is amazing and that everybody should be doing it. And I do find that you know, time blocking has changed my productivity and I’ll go over quickly in case somebody has never heard of time blocking before, but it’s literally where you block out this time and you give a hundred percent focus to the task at hand.

That means you turn off social media, you turn off all distractions, you throw your phone in a different room, like you totally turn off all those distractions. And if you have a team or you have other people like you, you actually educate them on how you work. Cause I would actually, I like my people to work in that same way because I know how effective it is. So you go into a time block giving 100% of your attention, turning off all distractions. Now I have on my sheet, how many do I have here? I have mapped out about six blocks. I wouldn’t do more than a maximum of a 50-minute power block. There are lots of different, you know, some people were like, oh do 30 minutes. Oh, Do you know 20 minutes? I don’t do more than 50 minutes. And before I come up for air and stretch and do the things that I need to do just to like refocus and that works really well for me.

So you can, you know, whatever blocks that you set, you know, you play with. There are certain blocks too that you might set 30 minutes or 50 minutes for it and you’re done in like 15 minutes from like, damn, that was fast. So that actually speeds you up to get through the rest of your stuff in a day. So I identify my blocks. So out of my three things and my one really important thing of those three things, I figure out where I’m going to do them in the day. I literally road map out my day with my blocks and there are even breaks in their scheduled breaks. I believe that you should stretch, you should go get some fresh air in between things you need to come up, check your emails, check-in with your team, do the things that you need to do to make sure everything’s okay before you go back in and focus and get your work done.

So that’s basically what I do is I map out my blocks and I focus and get in them. Now, do things happen? Yes. And do you get off track? Absolutely. But do you come back and just refocus and get back in it? Yes. You know, you can have a block in here that is email and questions. One of those blocks can be it, but that’s your block for the day. You know, are you doing that near the end of the day? I don’t like checking email first thing in the morning because I find for me, I know that the morning is definitely my time where I am very creative and that’s when I should be creating content. That’s when I should be doing like the most important things on my list. So I organize my day based upon myself and knowing that in the afternoon I can check my email like that’s fine.

So I think you just have to take a system and use what works well for you. But if you don’t have a system, I really recommend you starting with one and getting your mornings down pat and owning your day and knowing what you need to get done is definitely what will help make all the difference in the world with your success and your sanity because you are just going to feel like you’re in control. I will tell you,  whenever life is a little crazy and I find that I’m not doing this on like let’s say I break for a few days, something’s happened. It really messes me up. This is a system that I know that I have to keep coming back to in order for me to really a maximize my productivity and maximize, just feeling like I’m in control of my day, that I don’t just lose everything when people are coming at me with a whole bunch of different questions and all of those things.

So they hope that that has helped you. You can definitely get the printable if you want to go HERE. And I hope that you go and use that planner and start owning your day because I will tell you there is no better feeling than like you feel like you’ve just crushed your day and your weeks and your month. It’s just absolutely incredible. So I hope you take advantage of it and I will see you on the next episode.