… without losing your sanity, yourself or those precious hours with people you love.

Let's Grow Your Business Together

It’s Time To Make Those Business Dreams A Reality


Join the most supportive, go-getter group of women PLUS get custom mentoring from me, and let’s get you where you need to be. Because you were born for this.

You can work less and scale your business. And you can do it all with authentic, female-led energy.

With the Marketing & Mindset Mentorship & Mastermind you will be held safely in a tight-knit community of women who are building their empires right alongside you, plus you will have regular access to me - a highly-qualified mentor who’ll help to hold you accountable, right where you’re at.

It doesn’t matter what you have tried before that let you down - too many inexperienced people are offering too many empty promises just to make a quick dollar.

But now, you’ll experience the success that is possible when you have a real-world-tested CMO and COO all in one. And when you have completed the work, the transformation will blow you away. (Trust me, I’ve helped entrepreneurs just like you create 6- and 7-figure businesses even though they also started out scared!)

The only question is…

Are you ready for me to help you create the same kind of success that I have done for others?

Your business desires are valid, and now you have found the right place to make them your reality.

YESS I Need a Breakthrough

You can contact me here to ask any questions and get more info, or sign up below for a complimentary business breakthrough call!  

I 1000% believe in helping people and do not subscribe to high pressure sales tactics, that's not my vibe. If you want to get some real feedback about your business then lets chat! No strings attached.

Ready to get started?

A hands on personalized plan and support that will help you crush your biz goals and take control.  

do you want...

feeling like you have the potential to grow but don't know what to do next?

are you...

that you're constantly overwhelmed and weighed down by your business?

do you find...

who is this for?

It's time to quit the tiring hustle and design a THRIVING business that fits into your dream lifestyle. Don't worry... I've got a plan to show you how. 

step three

Every week we get on a call learn about a topic, discuss any issues that are coming up and you have an option to sign up for an accountability shout out. You also get to submit anything in your business that you want feedback on and Kara will deep dive into it and send you video coaching and feedback on it.

Weekly Coaching

step two

The second part of your 1-1 growth plan is for us to determine your 3 core areas of focus over the next 12 months. We dial in what those areas look like and we figure out short term and long term goals. 

Commit To Your COre 3

step one

In this 1 hour call we deep dive into all the things working in your business and what is not working. We determine where you want be and create a personal plan on how to get there. We evaluate The Core 7™, look for your own hidden profit spots and map out exactly what you need to focus on for the growth you desire. 

1-1 Growth PLAN

How my program works:

Done For You

My goal is that you have available complete marketing campaigns done for you that you can easily customize. This includes the strategy, email copy, organic promotions plan and paid ads all mapped out for you that you can review, customize then send for me to review to help maximize your marketing efforts.

Marketing Campaigns


Unique to our program we have an optional brainstorming session where you sign up and let the entire group know what you need help brainstorming and everyone on the call comes to help you. This call only happens if people sign up for it.

Monthly Brainstorming

LIVE 1-1

Apply for a monthly Hotseat where we will get on a zoom 1-1 and deep dive into any problem you are having or need help with. All calls are recorded so you will  have access to each hotseat.  

Monthly Hotseats


What People Are Saying About Working with Kara

— Amy Nielson, Planning Playtime

“Before working with Kara I was overwhelmed, exhausted, falling out of love with my business and couldn’t imagine growing it anymore. But now that has completely turned around!...

My low ticket business sky-rocketed to seven figures in under a year, I’m able to reach more people than I ever was able to alone AND I’ve cut my work week by 50% getting to spend more time with my family. Now I feel like I’m running my business instead of it running me!”

Amy grew her low ticket business to seven figures in under 1 year!

— Amanda Quinn
Co-Founder of Fit Chicks Academy

“Kara is one of the most amazing people that we have ever worked with from a perspective of marketing strategies and even just having her as a part of our business has been so integral to our growth.

So right now, if you were thinking about how can you get out of this rut? How can you get unstuck from where you are today? You need to stop looking and just work with Kara immediately. You will definitely thank yourself."

Amanda's business has finally come un-stuck since working with Kara

— Erin, The Incremental Mama.

“Before working with Kara I was playing small and bootstrapping my way to success. I knew I needed something more but I didn't know what that was.

Kara gave us a strategy and a system AND the technology and templates to help make it easy to implement.

This program has forced me to level up in ways I would have never done on my own. It has been awesome.

Erin Had Her Biggest Revenue Month AFter Joining

i'm ready for this

In working with people who are ready to do the work if we do not feel you are ready we won't offer to work with you.

We Believe 

If the idea of investing in yourself and your business scares you that is ok, do not apply if you are not willing to get past that.

This is a 12 month program

Fill out an application to see if we are a good fit to work together

If your application is approved we will do a business audit together

Depending on your audit you will be invited into the program or not

You decide if you want to move forward (no pressure either way) 

The Process

Start The Application Process to work with kara