Perfection is an illusion, but if you are looking for a place where you can be surrounded by like-minded female entrepreneurs who are on a mission to support you on this amazing journey you are in the right place.

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The truth is being a female entrepreneur is the most rewarding and challenging journey. We always need to be growing and learning how to deal with our mind drama about all the things. We need to learn how to run a business and lead our households and not burn ourselves out in the process. I am here to help guide you on that journey. 

Where Do You Want Your Next Breakthrough To Be?


We live in a society that has taught us that failure is bad and something we should be ashamed of. The truth is that success does not come without failure. We need to learn how to celebrate it and grow from it. Learning to move past failure is the #1 way to take your life and business to the next level. Check out my podcast episode about it.


Hi, I’m Kara I wanted to share a little bit about myself.

I like to think I have my PHD in resilience because I have FAILED hard on my journey to success. I wouldn’t trade it for anything because the lessons I have learnt have been priceless. 

I created my first multi-million dollar business in my twenties. Over the years I have started businesses, coached businesses, and even been an executive of a multi-million dollar ads agency. 

I have worked with best-selling authors, bloggers, coaches, digital course creators, influencers etc…

I am obsessed with trying new things in life and in business 

I’m a mom of two-sport crazy teenagers

Wife to an amazing husband of almost 20 years!

AND passionate about helping you break through your mind drama, eliminate your fears and redefine what failure means to you so that you can fail your way to success over and over!


What people are saying about me

When You Think Outside Of The Box MAGIC HAPPENS….

Kara is one of the most amazing people that we have ever worked with from a perspective of marketing strategies and even just having her as a part of our business has been so integral to our growth. So right now, if you were thinking about how can you get out of this rut? How can you get unstuck from where you are today? You need to stop looking and just work with Kara immediately. You will definitely thank yourself.

-Amanda Quinn- Co-Founder of Fit Chicks Academy

There are a lot of people out there calling themselves ops experts, but Kara's the real deal! She provides insight and clarity from day one and leverages her experience to strategize and take ops to the next level, while also taking the stress out of business. I'm so glad to have collaborated with her and have her in my network. You won't be disappointed!

Bonnibelle Chukwuneta
People Strategist & EX Coach


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